Rast Ballet & Dance Studio

1803 West Byron, Suite 201
Chicago, Illinois 60613
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While an accomplished and disciplined dancer in her own right, Natalie
is also first and foremost a naturally caring, supportive teacher who
makes sure her students truly enjoy what they learn. Natalie got her
first taste of ballet in Columbus, Ohio, at the ripe old age of 10. Her
family moved to DeKalb, Illinois, however, so Natalie continued her
dancing locally from that point on up through college.

Natalie began her professional career with the Joel Hall Dancers of
Chicago. She toured the United States and Europe, performing on
premier stages in New York as well as London, Glasgow, Belfast,
Rotterdam and Bergen. She also performed with the Chicago Dance
Medium and the David Pusczh Dance Company.Natalie has worked
with such reknowned names as Larry Long, Orrin Kayan, Birute
Barodicaite, Anna Czajun, Pam Tanis and Homer Bryant.

She has served as Ballet Mistress and faculty member for several
Chicago dance companies as well as universities, and currently sits on
the faculty at Columbia College, in addition to teaching her own classes
through Rast Ballet.

A firm believer in proper instruction, Natalie nonetheless believes class
should be fun, and she encourages her students without pushing.
The result has produced a collection of loyal students who stick with
their classes and challenge themselves.