Rast Ballet & Dance Studio

1803 West Byron, Suite 201
Chicago, Illinois 60613
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Obviously, it takes a certain interest in the art form itself for a person to even consider ballet as an activity which they would like to pursue. The dance form is the oldest Western technique, and hasn't changed much over the past 400 years. Yes, we have pushed the legs to go higher and the numbers of pirouettes executed have increased greatly, but we still use the same vocabulary as did the ballet masters of old.

Ballet is an excellent form of exercise. It tones your body, allows for
stretching and I find it is also very good for the soul. In these times of
rushing to and fro a ballet class allows you the time to leave the world
behind and become someone who is enriching their life by doing
something truly beautiful. You needn't be the most flexible person to
study ballet. You will become more flexible in the process of taking
class. You will find muscles that you never knew that you had. And as I often kid with my classes, you will have a great time. I also encourage my students to use imagery. I think when you study ballet that you must take on a certain role for that hour and a half which is very freeing for a persons mind. Step out of your day to day life into a ballet class and a whole new world opens up to you.